Aleph Farms Packaging

A packaging project for lab grown meats company, Aleph Farms.



November – December 2021
6 Weeks




School Project


Art Direction


Created by CEO, food engineer, and biologist, Didier Toubia, in 2017. Toubia’s and heritage food company, Strauss Group’s mission was to feed the world and preserve the planet. Working alongside environmentalists, scientists, and food experts, Aleph Farms was created as a more sustainable way of producing meat and feeding populations.

With lab grown, cultured meats set to take change meat consumption and reduce the global Co2 footprint, Aleph Farms is growing their production of cultured meats. While still in the works, Aleph Farms does not yet have any ideas for in-store packaging.

The Challenge

Design informative retail packaging for cultured meats that appeal to an older audience.


Design and develop packaging that reaches an older audience when shopping for meats at the grocery store. The design must be informative and educated the shopper.

Wordmark for Aleph Farms


Background Research

To begin, A competitive market analysis was done along with research of Aleph Farms specifically. It was found that they relied heavily on science and worked toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With cultivated meats, they wanted to provide a sustainable source of food the astronauts in space, and work on a farm grown meat alternative for the public.

Packaging Audit

An audit was done to explore current packaging in stores and online for products in the similar product range. Analysis found that items such as organic typography, sketched illustrations, and badges were among popular packaging products.

User 1
Tony | He/Him | 59

Tony is a first-generation Italian-American. He owns and operates his father's automotive shop in New Jersey. Recently, Tony has become more aware of his own health but isn't too sure how to make a change. His son, Tony Jr., is currently studying forest conservation and occasionally connects with Tony to talk about what he is learning.

Likes: Classic Cars, the Rambo movies, LOVES his wife Maria, antique furnitures

User 2
Jeannie | She/Her | 72

Jeannie is a retired classical pianist who loves bake pies, make cards, and spend time with her grandkids. Although Jeannie is older, she is very on top of her health and activity. She loves to spend time outdoors and often takes walks or easy hikes with her husband Dave. When Jeannie is with her grandkids, she is always interested in the new things they are learning in school. While it may scare her at first, Jeannie is always happy to try new things with her grandkids as it is a valuable memory for both of them.

Likes: Strawberry Rhubarb pie, babysitting her grandkids, National Geographic, wildlife documentaries

Packaging Ideation

From the packaging audit, I selected and divided the packaging styles into two different directions. Each moodboard would reach the intended audience, however through a difference view.

For each moodboard, I also looked at potential graphical styles and color options.

In the end, I ended up combining both styles from the boards to create a packaging style that is both minimal yet friendly and informational.

The first moodboard geared more towards Aleph Farms and their scientific worldview.

The second moodboard explores more classic and retro styles, which would be geared more towards an older audience.

Final MoodBoard

WordMArk Ideation

Packaging Process

After selecting a packaging style direction, I began sketching out potential layouts for the front. I selected two sketches to bring into further fidelity before deciding on a final direction.

Once a direction was made, I worked on the layout of the other panels, making sure Aleph Farms and their values are listed on the package. I added the required nutritional facts, prep instructions, and badges onto the package. Lastly, I experiemented with color application, and got feedback from peers on the more attractive packaging color.

Final Package Print & Dieline