Culture of Film

A quarterly magazine dedicated to the art and development of movies in the film industry.



September – December 2021
12 Weeks




School Project


Art Director
Graphic Designer
Print Development


Culture of Film is the conversation behind the movie. We appreciate the artistry and thought that comes with each production. Focusing on the storyline, background of the actors, writing and directing, we want to talk about
the cultural and media effects of film. With something we consume so often, why not talk about  the meaning? 

As a quarterly magazine, Culture of Film is dedicated to covering and reviewing the most anticipated films of the season. We discuss current events, movies we know you’ll love, and conduct intimate conversations with creators
in the industry. 

The Challenge

Design and develop a magazine for film fans.


Culture of Film is a quarterly magazine focused on the behind the scenes film world. The design heavily focused on images and use of macro and micro typography. The minimal graphic elements and color use are complimentary of each article. Each spread plays close attention to the grid. The dark page theme is intended to provide a feeling of being in a theatre.


Layout Ideation

Prior to building the magazine, I had built a style board of possible layout styles I wanted Culture of Film to draw from. I found that I enjoyed a lot of minimalist design with large or stretched typography and thick lines or large typography as graphic elements.

Finding Articles

Over the summer, I had collected various articles from newspaper, magazine, and film websites. All of the articles were compiled into a 28-page InDesign document so it could be flowed into the full spread magazine.

Wordmark Ideation

I had worked through various ideations of what the Culture of Film wordmark would look like. The style had to be similar to the layout inspiration, so I played with thick or stretched typography and lines. In the end, I chose a more decorative type, accompanied by lines and blocks of text. This would stand out more from the titles and images of each magazine spread.

Flat Plan Draft

Final Flat Plan